Walter Mantovani is an experimenter, musician and free researcher in the field of “harmonics.” Since his youth, he has had numerous choral singing experiences, ranging between different genres: early music, opera, jazz, gospel and contemporary minimalism. He began practicing overtone singing in 2009 as a study and research activity, and since 2012 he has been teaching the technique. For more than a decade he has been involved in research and experimentation in the field of “acoustic arts” with a particular interest in the integration of phonation techniques with traditional ethnic instruments and modern electroacoustic instruments. In 2011 he created the website “,” a popular portal aimed at collecting information and audio/video findings on overtone singing and the phenomenon of “Harmonic Series” in particular. Since 2012 he has been collaborating with musician and music therapist Alberto Ezzu as a overtone singer in the eponymous Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble with whom he has participated in the production of two albums and numerous concerts. In 2018 he is the author and editor, together with Alberto Ezzu, of the second edition of the book “Il canto degli armonici. Storia e tecniche del canto difonico” (The singing of harmonics. History and techniques of overtone singing).
In his working life he is a consultant and teacher in the field of ICT and creative industries.